How Membership Benefits You

USTA Membership

Raise Your Game. Adult memberships for $44 and Juniors are always free!

Create a free account and choose a membership that is right for you!


When you become a USTA Member, you join a community of over 570,000 tennis fans, players and enthusiasts. Plus, you get access to USTA sanctioned leagues and tournaments and an opportunity to qualify for a national rating and ranking. Junior memberships are always free. Adult memberships are $44 dollars, which also gives you access to complementary and discounted gear. Get started by creating a free account and then choosing the membership that is right for you!

Discounted Tennis Gear

Athleta offers best-in-class performance pieces built to move at the speed of life. Current USTA members get 10% off and at Athleta stores nationwide.

When you purchase or renew your Adult or Senior USTA Membership, you will receive special online offers for $44 towards tennis gear from both Head and Wilson.

Stay In The Know

USTA Members are the first to know about any special access to discounted seats or early ticket sales for many pro tennis events across the country.

See the world through tennis.

As an Official Travel Partner of the USTA, Steve Furgal’s International Tennis Tours, Inc. is pleased to provide USTA members with a multitude of packages to the most exciting tennis tournaments all over the world. 

Become a USTA Organization Member at No Cost

Take your school, business or program to the next level

Get set up as an administrator, link to your organization, and become a USTA Organization Member at no cost. Explore the benefits of membership below. Visit our USTA Organization FAQ page for more information.


Hold tournaments sanctioned by the USTA, which allows players to earn a national ranking and rating, plus access to the USTA brand to promote these events (subject to USTA approval).

World Class Tennis Events

Unlock early access or discounted tickets to see the best players in the world including the US Open Series. *Offers vary by tournament.


Receive a commemorative US Open poster each year your USTA Organization Membership is active.


Download your USTA Organization Membership Certificate, customized with your organization’s name, to show that you’re part of the USTA community.


Plus, receive a USTA-branded Organization Member banner* to display at your facility. 

*Only Clubs that join as a USTA Member Organization receive a facility banner

Insurance Programs

The USTA provides access to a discounted insurance program for eligible USTA Community Tennis Associations such as the USTA Master Liability Insurance Program and the Directors & Officers and Employment Practices Insurance Program.